Kozue Ito

14/AB/Heat Vision

Kozue likes to consider herself a lone wolf. Actually, she's just kind of a whiner. Go easy on her.

Miwa Hayashi


A sweet girl who just wants to make friends. Has an affinity for kendo and shonen manga. Miwa is a transgender girl.

Ageha Kinmedai


Enthusiastic and excitable, Despite seeming a bit airheaded, she's actually quite reliable when it really matters. Best frenemies with Ryuko.

Ryuko Nishijima

15/A/Super strength

Both the brains and the muscle of the quintet. Grounded and level-headed, but can get too caught up in her own ideals at times. Best frenemies with Ageha.

Hiroko Shiratori


Hiroko is the wealthy heir to... something. Thinks herself charismatic and a born leader. Kind of a goofball. Doesn't go to the same school as everyone else.

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